Absence is a sharper presence. It applies to the voice, to the hearing. It applies to people who were there and no longer there. It is worth for us that we do not stop for a moment to look for what is not there. To desire what is missing.

(Concita De Gregorio)

The noise of absence

“The noise of absence” is a psychological journey, a journey that starts from the ruins of the tremendous earthquake of Amatrice. Natural events that have upset a city, a region, an entire nation. Through the earthquake, certainties, daily life, lives have broken and a great emptiness has been created, a great absence.

The photographic project wants to tell The journey that every person has to face to live with the absence, a journey made of conflicting feelings, from rejection to anger to the final acceptance of pain in a constant internal mutation.

It is an obligatory path that is told by the key words of the work:
Negation, Mutation, Fragments, Acceptance.

The images, through the form of abstraction and the symbolic research of the elements, the different points of view tell of this psychological path that the earthquake causes within those who live it and those who must undergo it.

The result is a visual archeology that draws from our present and from our past telling our contemporary.


Born in Milan in 1981, he graduated in Business Administration in 2005 and worked for years as a marketing manager in several multinational companies, arriving in Rome in 2012.

In these years he studied photography with great international photographers with whom he has the opportunity to experiment and confront himself.

In the training course he exhibited his works in Rome at the Museum of Rome in Trastevere and at Palazzo Valentini with an important project on Jerusalem. In 2010 he won the prestigious fourth place in the National Geographic competition.

In 2016, with the project “Until the End of the Sea” dedicated to the theme of migration with subject the boats of the island of Lampedusa exhibited in several museums, galleries and trade fairs including: MIA Photo Fari – Milan; Fotofever Paris Photo – Paris; Palazzo Velli Expò – Rome; Les rencontres de la photographie – Arles; Festival Con_vivere – Carrara; PAN – Naples; Paratissima – Turin, Atelier Photo -Geneva, Galleria Breda- Padova.

In 2017 he exhibited at the Venice Biennale of Art at Galleria Accorsi in San Stae and on Pier Paolo Pasolini’s boat, Edipo Re, at the Venice Arsenal and during the Film Festival, obtaining great international visibility.

His photographs are currently present in some galleries in Italy and abroad and are part of important private collections.



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